Proper Ways of Growing Kratom

Proper Ways of Growing Kratom

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Nowadays, growing kratom plant is becoming a trend. Everyone wants to grow a kratom. You can grow it as a shrub or a tree. But growing a kratom plant can be a daunting task. For an average home gardener, growing kratom outside its native habitat can be overwhelming. Mitragyna Speciosa popularly known as kratom thrives in nitrogen- rich soils and balmy climates of regions like Vietnam, Borneo and Thailand. So, how can you grow the kratom in less tropical climates? why not look here for more details, where you get to know, all about growing kratom. According to, people who have followed the guidelines properly have achieved success in growing kratom.

Here are some methods which would help you in growing a kratom.

· Growing Kratom From Seeds
It is exceedingly difficult to grow kratom from seeds, as they need to be fresh while planting. The seeds of the kratom tree are only viable for some days after leaving the parent tree. That is why it is inappropriate for growers to order the seeds through online, as they can’t be sure if the seeds would be delivered to them on time.

But it is not impossible to grow kratom from its seed. Try out the following ways:

1. Select the seeds from the best kratom strain of your choice. Much better if you get fresher seeds. You would need a lot of seeds for the plant to sprout, so try getting a lot of seeds.
2. Find an area that is well fertilized and moist. The area you choose need to have a good drainage but also, it shouldn’t be too dry. If the area is flooded, it may result in fungus growth. So you need to find a proper balance between the two.
3. You need to plant the kratom, where there is ample sunlight and shade. Kratom needs a tropical and warm climate to thrive. But too much sunlight can overly dry up the plant.
4. A soft warm breeze is needed for stimulating alkaloid production in kratom. If this doesn’t occur naturally at the place you have planted the tree, you needn’t worry, as you just need to add gentle wind by getting a large fan.
5. You need to be patient. If your seed sprouts, it will at least take another year for any viable leaves to be produced, for harvesting.

You can also grow kratom indoors with the use of an irrigation system and lightning kit. The only problem you will face with this method is the difficulty in maintaining the size of the tree as this tree can grow to the height of fifty feet or more.

· Growing Kratom From Live Plants
Most people find it easier in growing the kratom from clippings of live plants. Through this way, you would start up with a tree that has already overcome the treacherous early stages. Many people have, in fact, tried cloning the kratom tree and have found success in it. Even you can purchase cuttings of a kratom plant through online. But if you are not careful, the plants that are grown from cuttings can easily get infected.

The following methods have been tried and tested by many people. Do try them before you start planting your own kratom tree.

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