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What Are The Main Ingredients Of PPG?

What Are The Main Ingredients Of PPG?

Patriot Power Greens (PPG) is the delicious green juice and it is approved by doctors to consume. The ingredients in PPG are natural substances, and it is hand selected to provide all essential nutrients to your body. Lack of nutrients in your body causes health problems like back, joint, knee and hip pain, discomfort and physical fatigue, problems in nerve cells, heart and arteries, new cell growth and regeneration.

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The manufacturing company of PPG claims that they produce alkaline rich health supplement that is made up of entirely organic ingredients. The main cause of health problems in your body is inflammation. It is a silent killer and also 90% main cause of your ailments and stress. Inflammation weakens cholesterol deposits in your arteries and it is the main cause of strokes and arteries.

The main ingredients in PPG are 7 digestive enzymes, ten probiotic strains, 38 organic vegetables and fruits and it is
free from gluten, dairy, wheat, peanuts. Each serve of this supplement is rich in phytochemicals, powerful nutrients, probiotics and enzymes that facilitate neutralize the surplus acid, and chronic inflammation of your body. You should take this supplement regularly to enjoy the health benefits explained above.

The four vital ingredients of this green powder are natural sea vegetables like natural spirulina- Japanese food enriched with antioxidants. Kale is another main ingredient of this powder. The ingredients in kale have rich nutrients called zeaxanthin, lutein that deactivates free radicals in your skin and gives you a younger look.

Each serving of PPG has fantastic age-defying vegetables and fruits for glowing skin. Some of the vegetables in this powder are carrots, broccoli, and beetroot juice. Many ingredients in this powder depend on antioxidants power to achieve the best results. The target of antioxidant is to pass free radicals within your body and thereby decreasing inflammation.

Each serving of PPG includes different types of organic ingredients including apple, goji, acai juice to provide awesome berry flavor. It is made up of 100% natural ingredients and free from wheat, soy, nuts, egg, fish, shellfish etc. The entire ingredients of PPG are organic and free from chemicals and this is one of the best things in this green juice. This green juice is sweetened with stevia that is an artificial sweetening agent. But this is extracted from the ingredients found in plants.

The majority of the ingredients of this green powder is sourced from countries like Brazil, US, Japan, and Argentina. You don’t waste your time by searching this product in a health store or any other shops. The manufacturers offer this product from their online store and you can easily buy from their website. The special offer is you can buy five bottles of PPG is available at the cost of three bottles. The good news is that you have the option of 100% money back guarantee for their product.